Lets Play WolfenStein 3d Coop e1m1

Lets Play WolfenStein 3d Coop e1m1

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SplitWolf is a cooperative split screen SDL mod by Team RayCast that allows up to 4 players to play on a single PC. It supports both vertical and horizontal splitscreen and includes a minimap function. SplitWolf supports both Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny but does not include any original files, requiring the player to own a copy of the games.


  • SplitScreen mode - vertical and horizontal
  • Player skin colors change (8 supported skin colors)
  • Minimap/radar
  • Player respawn
  • Different weapons cause different gibs
  • Enhanced Schabbs fight
  • Fully 8-directional enemies and Bosses
  • End-level status screens for all players
  • Team damage



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