Spear of Destiny (often also called Spear, Wolfenstein: Spear of Destiny or just SoD) was first published on September 18, 1992 by FormGen Corporation and is the prequel to id Software's first person shooter Wolfenstein 3D. In this game, like in Wolfenstein 3D, the player assumes the role of allied spy B.J. Blazkowicz, on a mission trying to recapture the Spear of Destiny from the Nazis after it was stolen from Versailles.

The game consists of one 21-level episode, 19 of which need to be completed in order to win the game; graphics, gameplay, etc., are very similar to those of Wolfenstein 3D. The game's levels can be divided into four blocks ("Tunnels", "Dungeons", "Castle", and "Ramparts"), each ending with the player having to defeat a "boss" in the final level. After defeating the boss in level 18, the player could obtain the Spear of Destiny and proceed to defeat a last boss, the Angel of Death, on the game's 21st level. The remaining two levels of the game were secret levels that could be accessed from within the first 17 levels. Unlike Wolfenstein 3D, the game did not include a shareware version; however, a 2-level playable demo was distributed.

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