Sonderkommando Revolt - reup

Sonderkommando Revolt - reup


SonderKommand Revolt is a Wolf3D mod by Team RayCast that was cancelled due to media constrovercy around it being Holocaust (Auschwitz) themed. The controvercy arose after a teaser trailer for the mod was release on YouTube and the following Anti-Defimation League reaction to it. Despite wide support by the community of gamers, modders, and bloggers, world-wide media buzz caused Doomjedi to decide on canceling the project, claiming he was unable to cope with the wide media coverage and loss of personal privacy.

The mods cancellation was met with big dissapointment in the Wolf3D modding community and the gaming community in general.

The mod had a planned sequel SonderKommando 2: Warsaw Uprising that was automatically cancelled as well.


The mod followed an Auschwitz SonderKommando prisoner initiating a revolt against the Nazis. The plot was fictional, taking general inpiration from a much lesser scale 1944 revolt in the same camp.

"Safe" Release Edit

In 2012, Operation Eisenfaust Origins was released, which was actually this mod, but with a mutant theme.

Media ControvercyEdit

Main Points of Media ControvercyEdit

  • Should Holocaust be a part of any computer game?
  • Does the mod distort history among young gamers?
  • General historical unaccuracy of apparent revolt's scale and number of nazis dead in it
  • Showing jewish prisoners as the initiator of agression towards nazis where jews actually were the victims of mass-murder by Nazis, despite the mod clearly showed that revolt was in response to Nazi agression and brutality as the prisoner's last resort before dying with the rest in the Nazi extermination camp.

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