Lozer_42 (Kris) is a member of the Wolfenstein Modding community from Michigan. Although he has never released any mods as a solo creator, he has assisted others on their own projects until joining Team RayCast as their self appointed Audio Director for the team's major projects. After the release of Batman vs Bane, he started a let's play commentary videos of the mod on YouTube and was eventually joined by Ron (level designer for the project) for the later episodes in the series.

Lozer_42 stepped down from actively participating in Team RayCast modding, after the release of their mod Eisenfaust Legacy, though he still makes peripheral contributions to the group from time to time.

Wolfenstein Mods and ContributionsEdit


Unreleased Edit

  • DarkWolf
  • Elsaß-Lothringen
  • Schwarz Moralität

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