Femstein - Level 1

Femstein - Level 1


Femstein is a Wolf3D mod by Doomjedi and WLHack released on April 6, 2007. The mod cautions that player that it "Contains Nudity" and that those who would be offended, not play.


The mod takes place in the year 1998 after a wave of beatiful women and known models began dissapearing all around the world. Russian Intelligence Agencies have finally acheived a partial success on putting some light on the mystery by intercepting emails and phone calls. On the island of Lesstop in the Pacific Ocean, a secret "amazonic" women's movement established their main base with the purpose of creating a female army to take over the Patriachal world and establish female domination over the Earth. The player's mission is to enter the Island and find any useful information on the rebellion.


Doomjedi - Art and story

WLHack - coding and mapping


Femstein was met with mixed reactions due to the sexually explicit nature of the mod, but showed some of the art and programming abilities of it's creators which soon led for others joining as Team RayCast them on their next project SonderKommando Revolt, which was later cancelled, due to media controvercy.


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