Real name Maxim, Doomjedi is a Ukrainian-born Israeli Wolf3D modder, has been a member of the Wolf3D modding community since July 27, 2006, and one of the founding members of the Team RayCast modding team. Doomjedi focuses mainly on Wolf3D modding, but also is active to various extent on Commander Keen and Doom modding communities. Mainly on Commander Keen community forum and zDoom forum (with projects BomberKeen and Keen meets the Meats).

He is a member of both the DieHard Wolfers Forum and Wolf3d Haven Forum, and also administrates the private Team RayCast Forum. Doomjedi specializes mostly on spriting and pixel art.

Modding HistoryEdit

Max started inventing card and board games at age 13, long before he had his first computer. His first start in computer game making (beside school assignments) was on Clik&Play software, later followed by Game Maker, with the biggest project being cDoom (Contra-style Doom) project. He began retro modding when he first joined NewDoom Doom forum after discovering the Doom Legacy port (and then the other ports). His first projects were zBlud (HUD Caleb faces) and Skulltag project, becoming a credited dev-team member of the later with contribution of skins, various art and Double Resolution Pack which become rather popular because of the hard manual depixelization artwork. Later he joined WolfTC for Doomsday project led by Vermil, which first introduced him to the Wolf3D modding community, becoming registered member of the DieHard Wolfers Forum on July 21, 2006.

His first project was Femstein together with WLHack, which was met with mixed reactions, but worked to showcase his art abilities, leading others to join him on his next project SonderKommando Revolt (a mod which was later cancelled, due to media controversy). This group of modders later became the Team RayCast modding team. Since then, he has released numerous mods as a part of this team and currently is working on No Man's Land and number of unannounced projects.

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